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Bed Bugs

THere are four units to one building. 2 of the units are rentals and have bed bugs. Even if I treat my unit ( own) if the rest of the building is not treated I will be reinvested. What responsibility does the HOA have, should they be fining the landlords?

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  1. Dennis Legere

    That all depends of what your CC&R’s say. if it can be proved that occupants of a unit caused an insect infestation that impacted other units and the CC&R’s allow for such provisions that the aggrieving unit owner could be required to pay for the treatment. If the CC&R’s address these type of things then the association would most likely take action to treat the infestation and bill the owner of the unit that initiated to issue. Like all things in an Condo, the board is usually not compelled to take action, but it they do take their responsibility seriously they will and if they cannot figure out who caused the infestation simply bill all the unit owners impacted for that service. The laws allow a board to assess either the individual unit owner that caused the impact to common property, or if that cannot be positively determined all the unit owners impacted by the issue for that treatment. While beds are not common property the bed bugs would not be limited to simply the beds in a unit and will migrate from unit to unit,
    If I were you I would never wait for a board to take action on an issue like this I would treat my unit as soon as possible and if the association attempts to take action in the future show them that you have already taken action and they need not treat your unit unless you want them to again.

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