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HOA board policy

When questioned about the vote for the board our secretary. Stat that names and unit numbers be redacted for privacy. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. Dennis Legere

    State law requires that all ballots be identified with the name and address or unit number of the voting member. This is to authenticate the ballot and to allow the association the means to prevent duplicate ballots from any homeowner. If the association thru it’s bylaws requires secret ballots that the state allows the signature and address to be identified on the envelop containing the ballot instead of the ballot itself. The voted ballot are to be retained for a minimum of one year and able to be reviewed by any unit owner during that time. Many homeowners are concerned about that fact and see it as a violation of their privacy. What your board is doing is not required by law and not prevented by law and in general the right thing to do for the homeowners with this privacy concern. If you want to see who voted the association most probably has a check off sheet where they validated the ballot signature against the official member list for the community. Ask for that record.

    I’ll be proposing legislation that will allow the authentication signatures and information to be separated from the actual ballot for all elections and votes of the community so that anyone after the fact can view the ballots cast and the record of who voted but not what anyone actually voted.


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