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  1. dennisl


    I do not ,and even i had one i would not give it to you. This is about your community and your board , only you or other members of this community would have the factual basis for why you are asking for the recall. You need to make your message as plain and as simple as possible to make sure that you get the necessary petitions. Do not say anything that is not absolutely factual, but also do not make this look and sound like a witch hunt or vendetta.

    The important point is that you are calling for a special meeting of the members of the community to consider the recall of board member (s) and then list their names individually. This is extremely important the community must vote to recall each individual board members it cannot be a single vote to remove them all. What you need to remember is that you get only one chance to do this during each term of the individual board members. if you fail you cannot attempt another recall for the remainder of each directors current term. If you are successful at removing a minority of the board than the board get to appoint the replacement board members to fill the vacancies for the respective terms. But if you remove a majority of the board than the board must call another special meeting of the members to elect the replacement board members.


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