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HOAs and Conspiracy Theories

May 27, 2021 I received a curious rant against the new 5G network. It claimed that 5G was “proven to cause headaches, sleep disturbances, DNA
damage, neurological dysfunction, fertility problems, heart palpitations, and, eventually, cancer.”
This is obviously false according to the WHO, NIH, and CDC. I’ve checked, and communication was part of my former occupation.
Thus far, I’ve received no response to an Email I sent to the property management company (HOAMCO) in which I demanded a retraction. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. I’m thinking starting a recall effort. Any help or comments?

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  1. dennisl


    Was this communication provided by either the board or the management company? Was your community asked to have a cell tower installed on community property? I’m having a hard time understanding why this is an HOA issue involving the management company. Was the communication provided to you directly or a general communication provided all homeowners?

    While I’ve learned through my years of experience that most if not all management companies are totally incompetent and anything out of their mouths is totally fabricated to benefit them and not the community. So a letter like this from a management company would be taken like everything else from any management company, thrown in the round file and ignored as useless self-serving rhetoric.

    Help me understand your concern and i’ll see if i can help you in any way.


  2. dennisl


    You will need to provide me a little more context as to why this is an HOA issue? Was the letter from the board or the management company? Was it sent to you individually or in general to all of your community? Is the community considering the installation of a new 5G cell tower that is opposed by the board or the management company, and was this was a calculated negative campaign to attempt to scare the community away from approving such an issue?

    Recall of the board is always an option in any community but it is a lot of work and should be used only when appropriate. Writing the management company is always a waste of time, Bringing the issue up directly to the board will be more fruitful especially if you can flood the board meeting with angry and insulted homeowners demanding either a retraction from the board or at the very least the board sending out a rebuttal letter from the utility company with the truth and impact of the proposal addition.


  3. Barry Fivecoat

    This arrived in a mailer containing two other community updates in May, 2021, and was sent to several homes, though apparently not all. Strangely, my neighbor two doors to the south didn’t receive this communique. It came from the property management company, to be sure. To my knowledge, there’s been no towers erected here yet, nor has there been any request to do so. I’d be the first to sign up if there was such an ongoing program.

    My concern is that in places, these towers have been burned to the ground due to this kind of disinformation. I recently saw a news story where a man installing a 5G tower here in Phoenix was threatened with a rifle. In my view, this is only fuel for an impending fire and is dangerous, false rhetorical propaganda.

    Regardless of who the sender of this trash was, the board is ultimately responsible for any content sent to the homeowners. That makes them culpible. It would seem to indicate that either one or more of the board members are, as we say online, conspiritards. I’m just wondering if their next rant will include flat earth “theory”, or perhaps an anti-vaccination tirade. All of this aside, it decidedly is NOT one of their duties outlined in the bylaws. It would take several paragraphs to describe some of their misdeeds: from demanding I take down an antenna that’s been there legally since 1996, to allowing parking on the streets in this project that are owned by the city, to kicking me off of the board in 2017 without a recall. I could write a novel on the these topics.

    Concerning your second post, there are only 147 homes in this project. A recall might not be that difficult.

    1. dennisl


      Please take a breath. If there is no issue in the community relative to 5G towers than throw the garbage in the receptacle designated for that type of material and go on with your life. It was a stupid gesture by a stupid management company and give it only the attention that it deserves, which is nothing. As for removing you from the board In Arizona no board has that authority. A duly elected board member can be removed from the board by only two methods one is resignation and the second is a recall decided by the members that elected him or her. If a board member is no longer a resident in the community that is considered a resignation.

      Anyone is allowed to initiate a re-call petition but you must do that with your eyes wide open. Do not under any circumstances believe that the board and the management company will sit and simply allow this to happen. You can expect personal verbal attacks and selective application of alleged violations from either of them to try and dissuade you from going thru with your petition. They can spread untold lies about you to the community to attempt to turn them against you and your efforts. All of this is why my attempts at getting legislation passed to assure your freedom of speech was so important this year and last. But the HOA industry does not want the homeowners to organize to take back their communities. Bad board and bad management companies and HOA attorneys will go out of business if the homeowners are allowed to speak out against abuse so key legislators were payed off to kill the bill but not allowing the Senate members to even vote on the bill.

      I’ve always been a strong advocate for homeowners holding the board accountable for their actions. But is nothing that i can see would warrant the price that you will be forced to pay to recall the board over a communication from the management company.

      My thoughts.


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