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Paying for services not being received

I’m wondering if anyone knows what rights home owners have when the HOA is not providing the service the home owner is paying for.
I’ve been in this HOA for 2 yrs now and every time HOA property looks like the homeless live on it I have to call them to get the area cleaned up. I pay a rather large amount, for the area I’m in, for this service to happen weekly yet it has never been completed without me begging for it to be done. And even then it’s a 2 week lag time for anything to be accomplished. And not accomplished well either. The residents would also like to know how we go about getting an audit done on the HOA board members and the property management company. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  1. dennisl


    Maintenance of the common property is one of the two fundamental responsibilities of the HOA board. Like you have probably heard me say often most management companies are basically incompetent. You need to write the actual board members and demand that they get their management company to do the job they pay them for or replace that company with one that will. Go to board meetings and speak to the board about area maintenance. Bring pictures if you can. Never go to a board meeting alone get others with similar concerns as your to join you so that you are not singled out as simply a disgruntled homeowner. If the board refuses to act on the concerns of the community then start a petition to remove the controlling board members or the entire board, and replace them with a board that will do their job. None of this is easy and no-one can do it for you. But your choices are to get involved and work to make your community a better place or simply sit back and watch it and your home values fall as a result of the associations refusal to take care of business.

    As for the audit Arizona law states that an if the declaration requires an audit to be accomplished it must be accomplished yearly. If there is no mention of an audit in the CC&R’s than the association can chose between an audit, review or compilation annually. The later is by far the one chosen because it is the lest expensive and lowest level of review. If your CC&R’s say audit than one must be completed every year. While the homeowner can always request the board to conduct an audit of its finances they are not obliged to do so if the CC&R’s do not mention an audit.


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