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Can I do a term search on this site?

Am trying to do a search and can not find where to do so – i got a 404 error that had a query box and was able to search a term, but now am unable to reproduce that and find a way to do a search

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  1. DennisL

    Sorry Gerarl when i built this site i did not add word search capability to save cost. What were you looking for? it it was relative to your other post i’ve answered that question, if not let me know and i’ll try and help.

    1. gerard kindt

      Actually you do have word search if you go to the articles heading it drops down to a 404 error that has a query box within it and does in face find search words. I just like to search key words to find relevant stuff quickly.

      BTW thanks for developing the site it is a great asset

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