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Community Manager Regulation

Is there any legislation in the works in Arizona to regulate these Community Managers? They have no accountability is seems which is frightening. Property managers are licensed, but not Community Managers. Ads for these “professionals” read: Apply today – Work Tomorrow.

What needs to happen to have these people trained and certified by the AZDRE?

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  1. DennisL


    There is no pending legislation or even attempts for legislation to regulate community manager. While it sounds like this would be a good thing what actually happens is that states that do regulate community managers, staff the organization with past community managers and attorneys from the HOA industry and create rules for themselves that are token only. They simply legitimize the incompetence’s and force all the community managers to certify with either agencies like AACM or CAI, giving them more money to buy legislators. In Arizona about 55% of all communities are managed by community managers that have the token certification of AACM or CAI. In the 12 states that do regulate community managers the net result to homeowners of communities is nothing , with no appreciable improvement in service.
    While many people have asked me to propose such legislation i refuse until such time that we can get sufficient members and participation by homeowners so that we can establish effective controls and drive the creation of the regulating organization based on facts and the truth of the true qualifications for these community managers and substantive enforcement of those rules. I currently have 900 members I’d need about 20,000 active members to make that happen.
    I’d rather focus on legislation that can actually help homeowners now without more bureaucracy in state government that accomplishes nothing.


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