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Concerned Continued

I forgot to add in my last question… the vote for the latest remodel was done in a way that avoided following the master declarations. It was presented as an authorization for spending and was stated that it is this or nothing. No voting on a design, a lot of confusion on what the design is, removing outdoor patios during a pandemic. So many concerns and as stated, we are called names for asking these questions. Meetings were done on zoom and they limited you to 2 questions by typing a question in a chat box. Unfortunately, the questions are often not read right, or answered well. I have not ever lived in an HOA and and feel a lot of concern about these activities. I have no frame of reference for knowing if this is standard behavior in an HOA.

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  1. DennisL


    Let me assure you there is absolutely no standard behavior in an HOA. It depends on the personalities and agendas of the board members along with the incompetence of the community manager and the advice of the association attorney. Not all board are bad, and many try hard to do the right things for the community. I never hear about those because the homeowners are happy. I do hear every day about horror stories in these communities. State law never considered the need for Zoom meetings and I believe that they can be effective and handy in this pandemic they are once again ripe for abuse by using the media to further stifle homeowner involvement and questions or comments.

    Such is the fundamental problem with these communities no one ever considered the facts of human nature and the impact of unlimited power on even well-meaning individuals.


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