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Lawyer Referrals?

Several homeowners in our community are looking a qualified law firm to assist in a dispute with our HOA Board. I’m writing to see if the AZHOC can point us to a few qualified Phoenix attorneys for consideration.


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  1. DennisL

    There is only one law firm in the state that exclusively represents homeowners against their associations and that is The Jonathan Dessaules Law Firm. While other attorneys can be effective most do not have a good grasp on Property Servitude Law. As you may be aware by now most law firms represent the associations because that is where the money is.
    Looking for help from an attorney is a no-win situation for most HOA issues from a homeowner perspective because even if you win a case you end up paying for that in increased assessments and the entire community is turned against you because of that. What are your issues maybe I can help you without getting an attorney involved. Write me at if you would rather not post your concern on the web site.

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