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Flood Insurance

Hi Dennis
Is it mandatory in AZ for the HOA of a planned community to secure flood insurance, particularly when there are natural washes running through the land with homes bordering their banks?

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  1. Rhonda Wakai

    Hi Dennis
    Since I didn’t receive a response for my question above, I thought maybe it got buried under others; hopefully making this comment here will repopulate the question. Looking forward to hearing the truth!

  2. Dennis Legere


    I apologize for missing your initial question. The HOA has absolutely no obligation to obtain flood insurance for private residences. County flood control district dictate the need for obtaining flood insurance for susceptible housing of buildings in flood zones. If you community falls within these flood zones then the individual homeowners are required to obtain federal flood insurance to get a mortgage for that home. If you do not have a mortgage than you are free to assume the risk as long as you understand that your normal home insurance will not cover any flood damage. If the association has common property within these flood zones, they are free to obtain flood insurance or not, but they then assume the risk for all damages caused to common property. Many could argue that if the board refused to obtain flood insurance for property within a flood zone that would require that insurance for a mortgage then they are not acting prudently and are liable for breach of duty to the community.
    Because a wash runs thru a community does not automatically make it a flood zone subject to flood insurance to obtain mortgages. The county recorder’s office web site has flood zone maps for every community in the county.


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