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Restricting Subcontractor

We recently had a situation where a subcontractor hired by Homeowner X did things that were inappropriate in our community. For example, they searched-out and went to a non-involved neighbor homeowner “Y” and generally was...
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Condo secretary

If a newly elected HOA president has signed the meeting minutes, can he then call a meeting to dismiss the secretary because the secretary has asked him about holding illegal meetings?

Voting ineligibility

We just had a vote on a special assessment in our condo complex. Our vote seemingly was not counted as we had an outstanding fine for a political flag. This was just announced at the...
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With recent legislation protecting VRBO/AirBnB reservation in the state of AZ, is it applicable to HOAs? Recently the HOA voted to limit short-term rentals to 30 or more days. Naturally, this would eliminate 99% of...
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The management company of our HOA is running our election, and have ignored a request to have a homeowner’s committee run the election… is there any government entity we can go to who will insure...
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33-1813 Question

I am an HOA member in AZ, and I’m interested in putting forth an effort to vote to remove a board member. I’ve read through 33-1813 about the voting requirements, but in practice how is...
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Changing CC&Rs

We are interested in changing or annulling CC&Rs that were originally recorded in September 1996 for which an HOA was never established and bylaws never created. They stipulate an original 20-year term that was then...
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Board Elections

Dennis, We are having board elections this month for our annual meeting in January. There are 6 running for 3 board positions. 3 of the 6 are have had “run-ins” with the current president and...
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  • From Kimbery on Access to HOA records

    The Casa Grande Lakes HOA refuses to allow anyone access to the books, records , or tax returns. They are self managed, no one can even see the ballots. They told us we could see all the stuff then quickly called executive session . I smell a serous problem. They even pay themselves to serve and don’t get a 1099.. Can you see the issues that I see?

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    2018/03/14 at 5:10 pm
  • From Nancy Levine on Access to HOA records

    There needs to be a one source database of current lawsuits against any particular HOA in any county – other than going through county court records which are usually behind. The AARP wrote a good primer on the duties of HOA’s in Florida. There is a Seminole case in District Court of homeowners winning against HOA foreclosure – wherein they assert they have first priority lien over mortgages to foreclose. The maricopa county general’s office gave me the name of a company that audits HOA records if you make a claim or request for audit – I lost the name because after I threatened to have this done, my issues were resolved by HOA. Does anyone know what company does this as an advocate for homeowners in Arizona? Our HOA year end budget looks drastically off – the numbers and justication for costs and special assessments look bogus, but I have no comparison or rule of law to refer to check.

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    2018/02/28 at 1:27 pm
  • From Jason Roy on Access to HOA records

    Nice post! Please share some more tips about Arizona HOA Statutes

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    2018/02/24 at 3:36 am
  • From Matt on Does an alternative to HOAs exist?

    If you are referring to Alternatives to HOA Management, i’d like an answer as well. Such as, Is anyone self governing? I’ve thought about maybe having an Accountant take over the bills and dues and go to self govern. Has anyone done this?

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    2018/02/09 at 2:01 am
    • From Jane on Does an alternative to HOAs exist?

      HOAs are not the norm in older, more affluent neighborhoods or condos in northeast. I have owned or co-owned five properties. One was an old house in an established inner-city neighborhood in Minneapolis. The city and the neighbors minded their own business unless you were posing a public hazard or nuisance.

      Properties 2-4 were condos in Boston. We were self-managed, all of us had access to the financials, and if something was broken we worked together to hire competent help to fix it. We paid nothing out of pocket—all maintenance came out of reserves. Rarely there would be a minor assessment increase for large assessments, but they were always small.

      My fifth property is in Chicago. It is no larger than my last property in Boston with 12 units and one rental, but is “professionally managed.” It has been a nightmare. The Board is corrupt or stupid or both. They fix nothing, but when they do, ythey defer to the management company which hires substandard contractors that over charge us. My monthly dues have skyrocketed. The building is dilapidated and my unit is damaged so badly that I will not be able to rent or sell.

      Property Management Companies control a powerful lobby and they bribe judges and politicians to protect them. Their goal is to make homeownership untenable so that owners will be driven to deconvert (they will buy you out, sometimes forcibly) or forced to sell home at a loss due to poor maintenance and neglect.

      HOAs are not the problem. Property Management Companies, HOA attorneys, corrupt politicians, and inexperienced owners are the problem. Also, investors are a problem. My advice: 1. Avoid property management companies. Require owners to take a self-management course. Hire your own cleaning services and contractors using Angie’s List. Learn to communicate with your neighbors. Use reserves only for necessary repairs and maintenance. Make all transactions transparent. Hire a CPA once a year to audit your books. 2. Impose rental caps and vet renters. 3. Do not permit sales to investor-owners. 4. Require all owners to attend meetings. Record all meetings. 5. Don’t be an asshole.

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      2020/11/14 at 12:45 pm
    • From Dennis on Does an alternative to HOAs exist?


      there are greater than 9500 HOA’s and Condo’s in Arizona. About 5000 are professionally managed by Management companies that belong either AACM or CAI . The remainder are either managed by management companies without professional affiliation and many times training and certification. The remainder are self managed. Where the board does the work them selves or simply hires a CPA to do the financials and a secretary to manage the records. While professional management with organizations certified by one of the two trade organizations is better than the fly by night organizations I’ve seen too many incompetent certified community managers to put much faith in them. Being self managed by board members that truly want to help the organization and do things in the best interest of the community would be far better than trusting your money and community to the fly by night management companies.

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      2018/04/22 at 8:20 pm
  • From Lina Carmely on Access to HOA records

    If you purchase a condominium or co-op, your board may require you to buy condo insurance or home insurance. Be sure to check with your board to see what type of policy is required.

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    2018/01/28 at 7:02 pm