AZHOC - Arizona Homeowners Coalition
Voice for homeowner rights and justice.

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Please Join Our Coalition of Homeowners

            This organization is about all of us working together for the good of all homeowners in the state. We will respond to all questions or request for help from all members and will travel to your communities to help and educate your specific community on your rights and obligations under the law and your community documents. we will work with board members and homeowners alike upon request. By registering you will be able to add and respond to post, to ask questions or make comments and get replies from myself or any other coalition member. We will try our best to represent your interests to lawmakers as unpaid registered lobbyist, and notify you via group e-mails of any important case decision, news affecting you, and all HOA or Condominium introduced legislation every session, along with any opportunities to contact your legislators in support or against that legislation. We will not share your contact information with anyone.

At no cost to you. 

            I only ask one thing in return, that you commit to being part of the solution and actively work to spread the word about our Coalition and to contact your legislators to get them to act on our behalf, and not to the benefit of the HOA industry when asked and appropriate. There are 3.5 million homeowners in this state, but because the legislators never hear from us in mass and only hear from the high paid lobbyist from the industry, our laws are written to protect their interest not ours.

Without action this Coalition is irrelevant and meaningless.