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Our Story

Who We Are.

Dennis Legere Principle Advocate

Our Mission

 To advocate, protect, support and advance the best interests and rights of all Common Interest Community members.

Our Vision

To Restore, Defend and Protect the Constitutional and Common Law Rights of Owners in Common Interest Communities.

To level the playing field through checks and balances; and to Empower Owners or designated representatives to hold the Association Boards and their Supporting industries accountable to the law and the community governing documents.

Arizona Homeowners Coalition (AZHOC)

Arizona Home Owners Coalition (AZHOC) is a Statewide Community of both individual and collective home and unit owners working towards making HOAs in Arizona the best communities they can be. Like them or hate them — they are not going away… all we can all do is work to make them places where we can all live together peaceably.

AZHOC’s primary objective is to encourage and enhance Education, Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility to the Duties and Obligations of both home owners and association board members in Common Interest Communities. The more they operate with complete transparency and actively encourage and welcome the input and participation of their members, Associations become more self-protecting and self-regulating, avoiding the power struggles and abuse that unfortunately is far too common in these type of communities.

AZHOC believes that each and every Association member has the right to have their VOICE HEARD by their respective Association Board of Directors. We believe that covenants created to establish these communities should not be allowed to infringe on the basic constitutional rights endowed to all US citizens as held and defined by the US Supreme Court.

This includes being RESPECTED as an OWNER, and to be treated EQUALLY AND FAIRLY by the Boards and Property Management and other service providers for the community. We also believe that homeowners need to respect the volunteer board members that are truly trying to do the best they can to serve and represent their communities as a whole. These board members are homeowners just like you. You may not agree with a decision but as long as that decision is made in the best interest of the community and its members as a whole then that is the prerogative that you empowered that board to make. Board members that act only in their own interest or in the interest of a small portion of the community membership have no place in HOA governance and need to be removed from their position on the board.

AZHOC’s goal is to provide the necessary Education, Training and Legislative Advocacy for the home and unit owners that has been so desperately needed, to ensure that the members of these communities are empowered to participate in their community governance and help determine what is best for their community.

AZHOC will educate Association members about their individual and collective rights, as granted by the State Statutes and by the Association Governing Documents (CC&R and Rules and Regulations), reinforced by common and case law throughout this country.

WE are HERE for YOU, and You alone. We will accept no support or contributions from anyone other than homeowners in Arizona.

Make the CHOICE to be part of the Arizona Homeowners Coalition and help us help the 3.5 million other homeowners in this state.

The Arizona Homeowners Coalition and the AZHOA Homeowner Advocate are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice of any kind. While we may advise you based on our knowledge of the law and experience, you may not use that advice as legal advice in any matter. Please consult an attorney if you are contemplating any legal action.

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