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SB 1402 Bill Homeowners’ Associations; improvement districts; zoning

Want to give Arizona Homeowners the choice?

Then support SB1402 by the click of a button and email today.

SB1402 will allow builders of new home subdivisions to choose improvement districts instead of an HOA.

Improvement districts have been around for many years and were a successful way for the community to maintain common areas. Then the concept of HOAs came along and not only controlled the common areas, but also each home owner’s house.

SB1402 will allow new home divisions to return back to the days where homeowners had full control over their houses. Also, improvement districts reduce the monthly/quarterly dues to the homeowner.

You can help to bring back the right to choose for homeowners in Arizona.

Contact Senator Kavanagh and ask him to add SB1402 to the Feb 15 Government committee agenda. If the bill is not added by this date, then it is dead.

Don’t wait until the day before, send the email below.

We want to make it easy for you to help bring change. Just copy and paste the information below and email and/or mail to Senator Kavanagh.


Copy and paste this address into your internet and fill out the email request


Snail mail Address:

1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

To: Senator Kavanagh

Senator please support SB1402,  by placing it on the February 15 agenda of your Senate Government Committee for consideration as well as SB1400 and SB1401.

SB1402 is a significant bill that will return a CHOICE in housing that has been denied to builders and consumers for decades. Furthermore it will change the future of housing in AZ by allowing new single family housing developments to be built without HOA governance which will significantly reduce the calls and letters that AZ legislators receive about HOA governance problems.

Finally using Improvement Districts to manage housing will also benefit all local governments as well by increasing their property and sales tax revenues which today are being suppressed and reduced by the ever rising expenses and losses of HOA governance.


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