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Stop SB 1080

Stop SB 1080

Stop SB 1080

What Is SB 1080?

Senate Bill 1080 is a bill proposed by Arizona Senator John Kavanagh.  This bill, if passed, makes the same change to two similar sections of the Arizona statutes.  One section relates only to Condominium Associations, and the other Planned Community Associations which generally refers to any HOA other than a Condo Association.

This bill only affects Arizona HOAs.  Homeowners and HOA members in other states are not affected.

What Does SB 1080 Do?

Here’s a screen shot of SB 1080 as of January 9, 2018, showing the change to ARS 33-1256 for Condo Associations; an identical change is proposed for ARS 33-1807 for other types of HOAs:


It proposes to shorten the amount of time that an HOA must wait before filing for foreclosure on a property within the Association’s control, from the current waiting time of one year, down to a new waiting time of only six months.

The bill would eliminate the provision that allows an HOA to initiate foreclosure as soon as a homeowner owes $1,200 or more.  Currently, an HOA could initiate foreclosure immediately if a homeowner owed more than $1,200 at any time.  Eliminating this provision would be beneficial, but not at the expense of shortening the wait time down to six months for any and all delinquencies.

What Can I Do?

Contact your State Senator and tell them you are opposed to Senator Kanavagh’s SB 1080.  See the page Contact Your Senator.

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