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Restrictions to my property

Around my property is a grassy greenbelt which is maintained by the association, but it is actually on my property with an easement allowing all residents to use it. This is my property, but the association requires my guests to wear a badge while on this grassy area (which is adjacent to a lake). I don’t believe this is appropriate, any comments?

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  1. Dennis Legere


    I’d need to see the declaration and the specific provision that allows private property to be used and maintained by the community. This clearly is an unusual situation. While the association is free to establish rules on the use of common property including permitting and identification they would not normally have authority to establish rules on the use of private property even if that property was maintained by the community. Requiring anyone to wear a badge on private property could never be construed as an architectural standard like paint color or length of front laws grass. If you have your CC&R’s electronically send them to me at and I’ll look them over and get back to you.

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