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Fraudulent Assessment

I recently found out that a road assessment that we have been paying for over 10 years was never voted on by the members. Two years ago, it was raised from $125 to $135 without a vote.

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  1. Dennis Legere


    If you can send me your CC&R’s and bylaws I’ll gladly look them over and help you understand what the requirements are for your community. Use I’m assuming of course that you live in either an HOA or Condominium? If in an HOA or Condo and the streets are part of the common area (not public streets) the association has a duty and responsibility to maintain those streets and to raise the necessary assessment to accomplish that duty. What approval authority will be required from the association members or unit owners will be specifically prescribed in the two documents that I discussed earlier. The only state law that specifically addressees assessment approval is a statute for HOA’s ARS 33-1803 only that limits the increase in assessment to 20% over the prior year, without the approval of a majority of homeowners. No such limitation currently exist for condominiums. I’m working on fixing this, this year.


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