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Illegal behavior?

I understand that a board member can be removed for illegal behavior concerning the HOA.
1. Is performing repair work requiring a permit and not obtaining one Illegal?
2 Is hiring for work done exceeding a certain dollar amount without a 1099 0r w2 illegal?
3. If a board member has a unit rented and does not register the unit as a rental illegal?
4 If a 40 hr a week person is working on the property without a w2?
5 Is a undocumented alien working on the property full time with pay illegal?

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  1. Dennis Legere

    Under Arizona law any board member may be removed from office with or without cause except a board member appointed by a declaration during the period of declaration control., by only one process. That process is one where a petition is approved by 25% of the voting community to request a meeting of the members to vote for the removal of that board member or members. The majority of members voting decides the issue. Your questions relative to the legality of actions described i’ll Not comment on because I’m not an attorney. The fact is if you want a board member removed circulate a petition to have the board call a special meeting of the members to accomplish that. If you.cannot convince 25% of the voting members to do that then you have more work to do either convince the homeowners of your concerns and fact or you have to wait until the offending board members term is over and convince your fellow homeowners to elect someone else.

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