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History of AZ 33-1808

Does anyone know the history of this statute? It seems dangerous to allow a child’s right to play in the street to supercede a licensed driver’s right to navigate a street safely. I live in a fairly new community and want to discourage putting speed limit signs on our streets as this statute would then govern our community.
I have no concerns with children attaining an age of reason playing in the streets as they have the mental capabilities to understand a 4,000 pound piece of metal can harm them so they move to the curb. My concern relates to children prior to attaining an age of reason. Not all parents have common sense to disallow children of this age from playing in a street.
In my opinion it places anyone (residents, emergency vehicles, transportation vehicles, delivery vehicles, etc) driving in our community at risk. Thanks.

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  1. Dennis Legere


    The statute was enacted in 2016 to limit an HOA from preventing the placement of these safety aids. If you look at it simply as a safety reminder for the adult driver to use caution because a child is at play in the area. The driver has control of his/her vehicle a child may not have as much control over a bike or other toy and may swerve into the travel lane. While driving within any community caution is always the best perspective with or without safety cones. These are not major arteries or highways these are neighborhoods. The law places specific limits on the placement and removal of these safety reminders, to limit any unnecessary obstruction of the road.
    My little 5 year old granddaughter always reminds me that sharing is caring. Sharing the roads within neighborhoods is caring about your neighborhood.


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