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My HOA dues are for what?

Please bear with the rant, I have lived in my complex for over 6 years & in those 6 years the HOA has change property management companies three times but each time we have the same property manager which I find odd. Recently a dumpster was dropped in front of my condo and I came home one Friday to find trash thrown everywhere, When I contacted the property manager she told me I could clean it up or wait till Monday and maintenance would come out. Plus I find it odd that in the past four years painting is again being done where I received a nasty email stating I would not let the painter on my patio, when I questioned why I did not receive a 7 day notice I was told by the property manager that it must have blown away & to leave access to my patios to the painter which I did only to find out that it was not even my building they were painting but never was told sorry for the mistake by the PM. Last Friday I received notice they would be painting today well guess what after leaving all my gates opened I came home to find nothing had been done. So I have to pay my HOA fee but receiving nothing for them but a pool area which is always closed and landscaping care once a month. Plus always being told to take care of issues myself. I should state the painting project has been going on since April and only 5 buildings have been painted.

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  1. Dennis Legere


    I totally understand your frustration. You are absolutely correct that the fact that you have had three different management companies in 6 years but the actual property manager does not change if very unusual. While property managers leave their companies all the time to go to other companies to have that happen simultaneously with the change in management companies for one community is suspicious at best. There may be something going on here that is, let me just say not in the best interest of the community. Somebody on the board likes this particular manager and is willing to change property management companies and all that is involved with that to stay with this person. This means changing the banking accounts and transferring all the community records etc. Whatever is going on here the relationship between this community manager and the board is very much too close. Your community needs to understand what is happening here and assure yourselves that your community is properly run. From what you describe competence is not a strong suit for this particular manager. Unfortunately your only recourse is to find out the facts of what is happening and ask the board that the community manager be changed. If the board refuses or if an individual refuses to remove the community manager than call for the removal of the board or that board member. The members elected the board and the members have the power to remove any board member or the entire board if they are not acting in the best interest of the community and its members.


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