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Secret ballot vs Absentee ballot; good or bad for me?

My HOA wants to do away with the secret ballot while adding Absentee balloting via email/facsimile. It sounds like a good thing but I’m worried that this will help my tight-nit HOA Board target me for further financial losses. Please advise me.

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  1. Dennis Legere


    By law your association must allow voting in person at a meeting AND by absentee ballots for those who cannot attend that meeting. That has absolutely nothing to do with secret balloting or not. The law simply clarifies that if the association’s governing documents allow secret ballots the processing requirements for absentee ballots changes. You can have absentee balloting with or without secret ballots, and you can have secret ballots even with absentee ballots.
    Your association and community manager should actually take the time to read the law before they make statement to the community. I’ve often stated that despite all the rhetoric from AACM and CAI about how they train and certify all the community manager, they fail to mention in their training how to actually find and read the law. If they did we would probably have many fewer problems in these communities.
    I’ve failed to understand how absentee balloting will impact the transparency of your board? Whether it’s in person voting or absentee voting election integrity is a big deal in these communities, so the voting method is not the problem but rather the integrity of the vote counting process is, and needs to be addressed in statutes as I’ve proposed for this coming session.

    Hopefully this answers your question.

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