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  1. Dennis Legere


    For the CC&R’s to be binding and enforceable they must be recorded in the county recorders office, for any county that the development is part of.


    1. josepha

      So, my HOA Secretary has a CCR from 2001. I have a copy of ccr’s From 2007 signed by the receiver after the association went into receivership The only CCR ‘s that are recorded is the original in 1992.
      My HOA secretary says his are the right one not mine. It appears that neither are legal?

    1. dennisl


      Absolutely. The law specifies in writing and e-mail is in writing. When requesting records be as specific as possible, know what you are looking for, and ask for reasonable time periods. Remember the association is only required to provide you access to those records not to provide you copies without cost. Most association records are kept in electronic format so it never hurts to simply ask that the electronic record be provided in an e-mail response. They can say no, but it will be easier for them to simply do that then to print them out so that you can go to the office to view them.


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