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Officer Elections

At the recent board meeting to elect officers, there was a motion to select one board member as President and another as Vice President based on the number of votes each relieved in the Annual election. There was an objection that this was not the process for election of officers described in the bylaws. The motion passed. The newly appointed President then nominated two additional members of the board for secretary and treasurer. Each motion passed.
The bylaws clearly state that the Board will elect its officers. I do not believe this was an election. An election would have included request for nominations, discussion of and information about the nominees, and then a vote (possibly secret).
I have contacted the management company and they say it is just fine.
What are your thoughts?

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  1. dennisl

    Quite frankly I see no issue with the approach taken by your board. If any board member had an objection to the approach taken he/she could have voiced that objection and the board would have considered alternate approaches. Basically you had a nomination process and a vote on those nominees. could this have been handled differently maybe, would the outcome have been different if the approach was different probably not. The people elected the board and the board elect it’s officers by any method they see fit.


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