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I sent a request for original documents to verify the large amount of reserves our HOA has reported. At the agreed upon meeting there were no original documents provided and the copies did nothing to verify funds.
I have contacted several lawyers and they are all too expensive.
Does anybody have a suggestion for a legal aide group or should I go to the city, county, state attorney
I have been told going to the ADRE is a waste of time
Any comments?

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  1. dennisl


    When requesting records it is important that you be specific for two reasons the more specific you are the more likely that you will get access to the requested records. If there are issue in your association you can be assured that as a delay tactic they will claim that they don’t understand your request and going thru the game of providing something that is not what you were looking for. Quite frankly I don’t understand what you were looking for from the association. The second reason is that the law requires that the association provide access to any association record within 10 business days from the date of the written request. If you want to win a slam dunk case you have to have made a clear records request and the association must have failed to provide you access to that information within 10 business days.

    Your comments about the ADRE and ALJ process are simply not founded, if the homeowner is prepared to prove his/her case against the association. You have to understand the process and what you can and cannot bring to that venue and you must be prepared to defend your case alone against the association attorney. I spend a great amount of time helping homeowners formulate their petitions and helping them understand what they will face in those hearing and how to prepare themselves to present their case. Records request are the easiest issue to present in that venue, because if your request is clear and the association failed to provide you access to the records in 10 business days then they violated the law and the ALJ will force the association to comply with the law and may fine the association as they see fit.
    While the ADRE dispute resolution process is not free at $500 per issue with a maximum of 4 issues per petition, it is substantially less expensive than superior court and currently the only viable way for homeowners to enforce the law.



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