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  1. dennisl


    A recall by any or all the board can be initiated by a petition signed by 25% of the community to hold a special meeting of the member to vote to remove the individual or all of the board. Once the petition is submitted to the board they have 30 days to hold that special meeting of the members for that vote. Iv a majority of the board is removed than another special meeting of the members must be held within 30 day to elect the new board to fill the remaining term of the removed board members. All of this is specified in ARS 33-1813.

    The members cannot remove the management company all you can do is remove the board and replace them with a board that will then remove the management company if appropriate. Please remember I’ve never found any management company that is any good and you may simply be replacing one bad company with another bad company. The real issue here is that the management company works for the board and can only do what the board allows them to do. What you want to do is actually negotiate the contract between the board and the management company to actually favor the community and not the management company and then have the board closely monitor and control what and how the management company deals with the community. If enough board actually did this the bad actors would soon go out of business and the rest will have to actually start respecting the homeowners in the communities they mange or find themselves out of business themselves.


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