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New Community Management Company Needed

I live in an HOA located south of Phoenix. On Friday, 7/24, our HOA Board gave our management company 90 days to basically “shape up or ship out”. The Board was a little too generous in my opinion. Does anyone in the South Phoenix area have any recommendations for a new Management company? We need to start our search since the notice period could be reduced to 30 days as per our contract with the current company. TYIA everyone!

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  1. dennisl


    Let me first congratulate you and your board for taking ownership of the fact that the management company works for you and not the other way around. If they do not perform to your expectations fire them. There are hundreds of companies out there and from all my encounters with most of them there is not one that I would recommend to anyone. It starts with the executive his or her personality and belief will be reflected in every one of the individual community manager. My general recommendation is stay away from any company that is part of AACM Arizona Association of community managers. That organization and the law firms affiliated with them are the fundamental root of all evil in Arizona HOA’s and Condo’s.

    Look for a firm with solid fiscal management capabilities and transparency. Pay particular attention to the structure of their contract do they offer a base fee then add special fees for everything. Community management is about making money any way they can. I’ve no problem with people getting paid a fair price for services rendered, but know that price and what you will get for it. Keep it as simple as possible. Make sure that the board retains control over the association money and how it is spent. Interaction with community owners is essential to a healthy community, ensure that the contract contains provisions to that end. Overbearing, rude and dictatorial community managers can raise havoc in a community.

    But the most important aspect of working with a community management company is board oversight. Any community management company can serve a community well or poorly all depending on how much the board is involved. Your board lives in your community the community manager does not, you have a vested interest in your community your management company or community manager does not. There is a valuable service that the management company can provide the association simply because there is too much work for volunteer board to take on. The responsibility for everything the association does lies solely in the board, and how the board sets the tone for expectations of what and how any community manager or management company serves that community will make or break that community.

    Lastly take the time to know your governing documents and the laws associated with your community. Never take the advice of any community manager relative to what you can or cannot do or what you should do in any situation. They don’t know. Your fundamental duty is to treat people fairly and equally and reasonably and to manage to associations resources wisely.


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