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Condo secretary

If a newly elected HOA president has signed the meeting minutes, can he then call a meeting to dismiss the secretary because the secretary has asked him about holding illegal meetings?

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  1. dennisl


    While the Board President can call a meeting of the board at any time for any issue, he or she has absolutely no power to do anything else without the prior authorization of the board. The officers of the board are appointed by the board itself and can be removed from that position by vote of the board. However, the board has absolutely no power to remove a board member without a vote of the members of the community. Duly elected or appointed board members can only be removed by resignation of that board member or a petition to recall that director submitted by 25% of the community members.

    It you can provide me more details on why the secretary believes that the association is conducting illegal meetings i can provide you guidance on the legitimacy of that claim. Having said that, it is extremely suspicious when a board president immediately attacks another board member who claims that the association is conducting business inappropriately instead of investigating that claim. The other board members have just as much responsibility to the members that they represent to conduct business according to the law. That is absolutely not the way any association board should act. There is a very important reason for boards to be independent thinkers and not simply puppets that only act at the whim of any one board member. You community surely deserves much more from your board president that what this demonstrates.


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