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Negligent HOA Board Members

I am a resident and owner of a townhouse in Phoenix that is part of an HOA. Around 14 years ago the board members decided to fire the property management company. Since them, the board members have continued the same and have led to the downfall of the community. Amenities are not upkept or available to residents, the paint is peeling off of our buildings, the landscaping is rarely upkept, our security gates are non operational and architectural decor of some of the building is deteriorated. The board members have insisted on not allowing change, and spend nearly most of our budget on paying full time staff to upkeep the entire community while not actually being able to upkeep the community because the money is spent on salaries, healthcare and pensions. I’m at odds with the community, these people have been on the board for nearly two decades and convince the residents that it’s all due to funding issues. We spend $197 a month to cover the landscaping, and the upkeep of the exterior of the buildings and amenities. I don’t even want to invest in my home because i’m not sure the buildings will even be livable in the future. These maintenance staff are unqualified to do roofing, painting, and the major overhaul of plumbing.

I’m at a loss of what to do without serious capital to try and take legal action. I’m not sure what I can do, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Are there resources to help?

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  1. dennisl


    Clearly you cannot be alone in your concerns? Why does this board keep getting elected? Does, nobody else care or see what is going on?

    While I’m not a fan of any management company but they can add some value to a community if the board cannot manage running the community on their own. It is not a small task to self manage a community and without a board properly prepare to take on what that entails it is a bad choice for communities. I do know of many communities small and mid-sized that successfully self manage to the benefit of everyone in the community. It is simply unwise for a large community and for most condominiums simply because there is too much common property to maintain.

    The only real help for you lies in your community and your neighbors. Get together and voice your concerns to the board. Ask for a direct cost comparison between what you pay for staff salaries and benefits and what it would cost to contract out for that support? If the board refuses to listen to the concerns of the community then start the process to remove the board and replace them with people that will take their responsibilities seriously.

    If you are not willing to get your community engaged in solving the problem in the community your only choice is to move and sell your unit before it is too late and property values plummet .


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