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Guidance Needed

Hello! Just joined the group. My community is in great need of guidance with regard to our HOA board, property management company, and navigating the most effective way to bring about much needed change. Heard about this organization from a fellow homeowner. I am unfamiliar with the process of how to work with this organization and receive help. Are members of the organization that are seeking help able to set up a phone call or meeting with someone within the organization?

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  1. dennisl


    I’ll be glad to help you in any way i can. Can you give me some specifics on your particular issues? The most effective way to bring about change in any community is direct involvement of the community member. The board is elected by you to run the association and manage the affairs of the association in the best intertest of the community as a whole. Attorneys will tell you that the board is only required to protect the interest of the corporate entity of the association , under corporate law but that is absolute crap. The community is a community first that is represented by a corporation for convenience and tax advantages. Corporate law is totally subservient to Property Servitude law for these communities.

    If the board refuses to respond to the needs and concerns of the community than you are empowered to remove that board from their positions and elect a new board that will do their job. Having said that it is important to note that board can never satisfy everyone in the community and should not try. Their job is to act based on their beliefs as to what is in the best interest of the community as a whole not any individual homeowner or group of homeowners. Now you may not like what a board did but if they did that with a legitimate belief that the action was in the best interest of the community than they are simply doing the job you put them in that position to do.

    Open meeting laws require that boards must post notice 48 hours before any meeting of the board and allow any homeowner to addend and speak prior to the vote of the board on any issue. For example if the board is to vote on approving the minutes of the prior meeting they must ask any member of the association present if they wish to speak on that issue before they vote. The same goes to any issue. If 20 people go to board meetings and voice their concerns the board is forced by law to listen to those concerns. Never be the only voice of resistance to the board, you will simply be criticized and labelled a trouble maker and made an example to all other homeowners of what can happen to anyone in the community if they dare to challenge the board. This is not personal it is simply the barbarian technique of sticking a head on a pole in front of the community as warning to all other members. Take a look at the little cartoon we created on the bottom of this page.


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