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Can my COA stop me from installing solar panels

Can my HOA stop me from installing solar panels
they told the solar Installer that they will not approve the install until i am in Compliance
I have not received a letter of non Compliance
however they told the solar Installer no solar until I am in compliance
what can be done

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  1. dennisl

    Arizona law prevents the association from prohibiting the use or installation of any solar energy device ARS 33-1816. The association may apply reasonable rules for that installation as long as they do not effect the efficiency of the unit. Tell them that if they do not authorize the installation of the panels immediately that they will be sued and will lose and be responsible for all legal cost you incure in doing so.

    Do not mess around with this if they refuse to allow you to install the solar energy device immediately get an attorney and sue the association for violating state law.


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