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parking violatons not enforced

I live in a community where the association owns the streets. We have a parking policy in place that is not and cannot be enforced because we do not have parking decals. Our board voted to have management provide resident and guest decals over a year ago and we still have not received them. In addition, our parking committee was recently disbanded by the board. Our community is overrun on weekends by hikers and bikers and their vehicles are rarely towed. We have people parking in our lined street spaces, calling uber, and going on vacation. Just last week, I counted three vehicles without registration plates that still aren’t towed.(Can I contact Phoenix police directly on those vehicles?) All this in a community that has 1.5 spaces for each home! We are collecting signatures to recall the board president, but it is a small community and we need 100. People are reluctant to get involved because management has “arbitrarily” enforced CC&Rs in the past with board support. Is there a quicker route without the $600 cost of filing a complaint? Thank you

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    1. joie

      BTW…we have 800 members….I thought that communities under 1000 needed 25% or 100 signatures whichever is lesser???

  1. dennisl


    You are absolutely correct, i stand corrected. The number is the smaller of 25% or 100 votes for associations smaller than 1000 homes.


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