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Motorcycle Parking

Need some guidance and/or advice.

Can the HOA prohibit me from parking my motorcycle in front of my front door. The CC&Rs specifically states that “RVs Commercial trucks, ATVs Campers and pleasure vehicles etc. may not be parked on the Lot in a manner it can be seen by the neighbor. It states nothing about motorcycle which are used as a means of transportation. I find it necessary to park the motorcycle by the entrance of the house (still leaving space for access to the front) because my garage is full. It is parked on the side of the driveway so that it does not hinder my spouse from driving in and out from the garage.
Does a motorcycle, which is used for transportation be considered as a pleasure vehicle and in the same category as ATVs , campers, trailers….

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  1. dennisl

    I cannot conceive of any way that any board could consider a motorcycle an RV or commercial vehicle. Nor can i conceive what a pleasure vehicle could be other than an RV or camper or ATV. The purpose of this type of covenant is to restrict large vehicles and campers and unconventional means of transportation like ATV from impacting the aesthetics of the community. Common sense is common sense however I’ve seen far too many associations interpret provisions like this to harass a homeowner that they are not like, and throw common sense out the door for intimidation purposes. All of this knowing if they chose to make this interpretation you will have to take them to court to reverse their decision. I do not believe that any judge will see a motor cycle as a pleasure vehicle, as related to this covenant.

    Because you enjoy riding your motorcycle does not mean that it is a pleasure vehicle. Many people enjoy driving their cars does that make them pleasure vehicles?


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