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Term limits

Hello glad I found you. I currently belong to an HOA. At one time I was an officer of the HOA and gave up my term do to health reasons.
For the last couple of years we’ve had the same folks running the HOA. The president has now been in this capacity for (2) years. The treasurer has been occupying the position now for over (6) years.
We are now due for an new election and both of the above positions refuse to give up their position and refuse to put the position of President and Treasurer for election.
In our CCR’s their are no term limits, what is the law in Arizona for holding an officers position in an HOA.
I look forward to your response,
Thank you.

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  1. dennisl


    The term limits for the board members will be stated in the Bylaws. The association members elect board members the board elects the officers of the association. It would be inappropriate for the association to list the position of President of the association up for election. All board position with expired terms shoud be posted for election every year and once elected that complete board votes for the positions of officers for one year. Irrespective of the terms of board members the officers are only elected for one year.


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