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HOA Board Member Conflict of Interest?

I am a member of the HOA board in the community where I live. I have owned a home there for 16 years. It was recently discovered that there is extensive damage to my sewer line and foundation from a common element tree that was planted by the association shallowly (less than two feet) and inches from my structure. I filed an insurance claim for with my Walls In insurance company and the blanket insurance policy managed by the Board of Directors and Property Management company. The day after I filed the claim with the general association policy, the Board President called an Emergency Executive Board meeting and recused me from attending due to alleged “conflict of interest.”

1. Can the HOA Board President recuse a Member from an Emergency Executive Board meeting for any reason without a vote of the board members?
2. Can the Board vote to remove me as a member for filing an insurance claim on damages to my home?
3. Are minutes required for an Emergency Executive Board Meeting?
3. If a Board member is recused or absent from an Emergency Executive Board Meeting can that member have access to the minutes?

Thank you for your help and support!

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