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Open committee meeting notice

Some members of our HOA say that we must have notification before committee meetings. Is that correct? I’m not sure that I understand Arizona law but I’m told that the notice only applies to regularly scheduled committee meetings. Can anybody help me here thanks

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  1. DennisL


    You are absolutely correct. The HOA industry had this language added in 2010. Mostly because “regularly scheduled ” is undefined and and be interpreted in any way the association wants to not have to apply the open meeting laws to committee meetings. I’ve been opposed to this totally irrelevant qualifier since I’ve been in this business. Since when does the schedule of a committee meeting have anything to do with the significance of the business of those meeting on the community. I’ve seen committee being created with regular monthly meeting frequencies but the charter for that committee specifically states that it will be a non-regularly scheduled meeting so as to avoid open meeting requirements. I’ve also seen more and more responsibilities of the board being assigned to committees once again simply to avoid open meeting requirements. I’ve worked on legislation to correct this for years all to no avail.
    Maybe next year.


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