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Cancellation of a regular meeting for a non-emergency Special…

Recently the board cancelled the routine April Board meeting and on the routine date inserted a special meeting in its place. Another special meeting to follow-up the first is coming. There is no connection between the standard canceled meeting and the Special, and the Special could have easily been held on any other day of the week There was no indication of a reschedule for the missed meeting.

Is there any requirement for the April meeting to be held before the regular May meeting or not?

Is there any known legal defense for a regular board meeting to be cancelled and replaced with a Special Meeting short of there being an emergence (property damage, safety, etc.)?

Thank you.

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  1. DennisL


    Board meetings are board meetings, and the board can decide to hold meetings whenever they want as long as the comply with the open meeting law. Nothing in law dictates when a board can meet or how often the decide to meet. Nor will it ever, but they must always comply with the open meeting law.

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