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Charges for copies

I have a 2 part question.

1) I realize an HOA can charge $0.15 for a records request. I had a request for a document from my HOA and I received 36 pages, printed double sided. The HOA sent a bill for 71 pages at $0.15, or $21.30. They claim they can charge not only for each printed page (even though they printed double sided), but for a printed copy of the document for their own records. Do I really owe $21.30, or should it be 1/2 that, or less ($5.40) based on the number of pages I received?

2)To add insult to injury, the pages provided were copied/printed in such a way as to eliminate the last column of the data and I have requested that the entire report be rerun to include all the information that I requested. I expect them to send an additional bill for the corrected documents, again charging me for both my copies and their copies. Do I owe the HOA for the bill on the first set of copies provided, even though they didn’t include all of the information? I have my suspicions that the data was removed on purpose from the original request.

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  1. DennisL

    As you stated the association is allowed to charge $0.15 per page irrespective of how they print that out, so yes you awe the full amount charges. If the information that you desired to see is not visible on the page because of the way they printed the pages you can ask for reprints to ensure that the information is legible. If the management company refuses without additional charges your only recourse is to file a complaint to the board directly on the incompetence of the community manager’s staff. You can also simply request to view the original documents first hand and take pictures of the full pages that you want.

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