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CC&R’s Change to color schemes for homes

I was on my HOA board 16 yrs. In 2020, I didn’t receive ballot mail to renew my position on the board. I was not aware my term was up. When I questioned the HOA property mgr (she has never liked me) about this, I was informed it was to late. When the Annual meeting was held (Other members were no shows at meetings over the years many times), I worked late, didn’t make the annual. The property manager talked the board into going from 5 to 3 people board. I emailed the property manager for the HOA, she told me by email, then sent me a letter.

2021, when the annual meeting came around, there was no letter to homeowners stating they were opening seats on the board. 2022, I received a ballot and letter, like all homeowners that the board had spots available! I put my name and bio in and sent it back immediately. When the annual was held in April (by Zoom) I logged on. The property manager announced (we have 241 homes in the subdivision) we only had 17 ballots and needed 19 to add any members. I was out again. I also noticed reading names on the soom attendees, that several of the guys who sat on the board years ago, were now current board members. Interesting considering none of this was announced in 2021. So there are 5 guys on the board, no women.

Meanwhile, I have contacted several of the members about an arch form to paint my house. I was ignored. I tried during the zoom meeting for the annual in April, finally someone said the one guy on the board would be the contact. I asked several during the meeting in chat if we could change/amend the color scheme for the subdivision (which when I was on the board we had done) I said I would and others would like to see some greys in the colors. Most of the subdivisions around us are allowing or are being built with the grey schemes in the roof tiles and houses. I was completely ignored.

I contacted the property managers supervisor several weeks ago by phone. I informed her of the board and my removal, then these other men were put on the board in 2021 and all of the problems that I have emails from the property manager about. Also complained about the change in color schemes. She asked me to forward all the emails and letter to her about the voting in 2020 and the house/color change and photos of homes in our subdivision having colors not in the book at Sherwin Williams paint store. two weeks later I email the supervisor to see what she found out, several times in one week. No answer. Two weeks ago, I called and left a message for her, no call back. I’m fed up with this and willing to take it to that supervisors, supervisor. The board memebers will not contact me back in email, Facebook private message, nothing. There has to be a way to get something done. I have rescheduled paint company twice now. I am not wanting my home dark grey, not pink, green, orange or black. Just a subtle color scheme, which I sent all the options to the supervisor by email. No response.

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  1. DennisL

    Your association has many issue with their leadership and management and I’m working to make sure that state laws change and solve those issue by enduring that elections are held fairly and consistently every year. There are existing laws on the books relative to the notice of meeting of members for annual meeting but they are often ignored because association can and get away with it , That has to change.
    Right now there is little that can be done relative to the 2020 or even the 2021 election.
    As for the color palette change the association is in charge of that and because you want to paint your house a different color that really does not matter. You gave up that property right when you bought into an HOA. Unless you can get them to agree to a palette change you are stuck with the approved scheme.


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