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Political signage limited to 9 square feet

In early July I erected several smaller political signs in front of my home. We live in the Highlands at Dove Mountain.
I got an email that the board had recently modified the HOA rules to specify less than 9 square feet in total was allowed to be displayed on our property.
It seemed to be an attempt to thwart our Arizona ensured permission to display our signs. Nobody knew, our board is always changing rules without the new ones being emailed to anyone not on the board.
This is just the last in a line of secret changes.
Are they able to do this?
Thanks Holly Claghorn

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  1. Dennis Legere

    The association is correct to a point. The statute specifies that the sign is limited to 9 sq-ft in size but that it can be printed on both sides. I’ve already seen one association mis-interpret this statute to limit the sign size based on printed sq-footage which is totally incorrect. You can install a sign of up to 3 ft by 3 ft and you can print on both sides of that sign. That is how the statute is written in plain English. (Something that HOA attorneys are totally unfamiliar with).
    Courts have held that rules are not rules until they are communicated to everyone in the community. While rules can only be established in open meetings that cannot be made effective until they are communicated to everyone, which only makes sense. If rules are created in closed session the association violated the open meeting laws and the rules are invalid and cannot be enforced.

    1. prairiebelle

      Hi Dennis,

      I do not understand: Can I have the smaller signs I was displaying, as they were not over 9 Sq. Feet each?
      Or do I truly only get a total of 9 square feet (18 sq. feet if both sides are printed)
      I mean, since they are small signs, can they still stick me by adding up all the 5 signs’ footage and making me remove them? (As I already have)
      My apologies for not understanding this thoroughly!

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