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Absent HOA and property mgmt

How do you go about auditing the property mgmt? I live on historic property, I pay $300 a month. I have yet to meet the HOA themselves. I hear from other residents the HOA does nothing. I put up a sign to start a neighborhood watch which they took down. I have asked when the gate is getting a lock. I don’t know where to start. I was told the president of the HOA has been on for 15 years (don’t know how true that is). Do residents have to be notified when they are electing a new HOA? I feel like everything is done under the table and not sure why.

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  1. Dennis Legere

    First you have to realize that the community manager is not the HOA, it iWorks for the HOA. You cannot audit the community manager but you can get the financial records of the HOA. I’ve worked hard over the years to improve the open meeting and board election laws but more work needs to be done. Current laws require that all board meetings must be noticed 48 hours in advance and open to all residents. All meetings of the members must be noticed between 50 and 10 days prior to the meeting to elect members of the board of directors. You have a right to know who is currently on the board and to contact them about concerns. While the board of directors can fill vacancies in the board for the remainder of unexpired terms they cannot elect new board members only the homeowners can.
    Where do you begin the community manager is usually the point of contact for all homeowners . Write or call him/her and get the names of the current board members. Attend the next board meeting and ask questions. You have the right to speak on any issue before the board before the board votes on that issue. If you want to see financial records like monthly income and expense statements a simple email to the community manager is all you need. The association has 10 days to provide you access to that information under the law.

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