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New pool pump house in our backyard

Our HOA has been fooling with adding a 2nd pool along with other amenities for years and is now much closer to ramming it through. The plan on file in the office shows a wish list future pool to our west. However they have added a pool pump house and pool supplies building in our backyard between our fence and the scarce 30 feet of protective natural desert shrubbery that currently gives us some illusion of privacy. Do we have to give in to having a cinderblock building wall staring into our patio? This will really affect our home value. Can we demand an impartial impact study on our homes facing devaluation?

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  1. Dennis Legere


    I’m assuming that the property that the association is planning on developing is community property. Unfortunately, while the association can adopt rules that they can compel you to comply with, the opposite is not true. While it is truly not unreasonable to ask that if and when the association builds the pool house that they include a natural landscape sight barrier to shield that building from the enjoyment of your backyards. This would be a reasonable accommodation that they could do, but nothing compels them to do this. I’m also assuming that the funding to approve this project has to be approved by the community. Please remember that you and all your neighbors can always just say no. Or at the very least demand that the association address the aesthetics and noise issues prior to granting your approval. Alone you can do nothing to stop the madness but if you can get enough friends and neighbors to work with you, you can affect change.
    Alternatively, you can always hire an attorney and sue the association for the depreciation of your property value, but that will be a very difficult case to pursue and win, because it is all subjective.


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