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Board Member Recall

Members of the community are working on our effort to recall HOA board members. We have identified 4 who we want included in the recall, but one of those members has served less than 6 months. One of the community members believes that renders that board member immune from recall. Is that fact, rumor, misinformation, or old information?

Thank you!!

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  1. Dennis Legere


    There are no time limits for board recalls. I have no idea where anyone came up with that opinion. If you are an elected or appointed board member you are subject to recall. But if that recall fails you cannot be subjected to another recall effort for the remainder of your current term.
    Please remember not to waist a good board member by grouping them with board members that are not working in the best interest of a community. Board intimidation occurs as frequent and maybe more frequently than homeowner intimidation. Because a board member has been intimidated to agree with a tyrannical board member does not make that member bad. Get rid of the tyrant(s) and give the rest of the board a chance to act in your best interest. I don’t live in your community, but you do so only you and your neighbors know the truth about what is happening in your communities.
    I’m not suggesting that you change your plans but if a board member has only been in the position for 6 months don’t be too quick to judge without understanding the true dynamics of your board.


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