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Liquor license

Hello, Dennis.

I was recently elected to my HOA BOD and was just informed that my fingerprints are required for the liquor license that our community holds. This is not mentioned in our governing documents nor was it mentioned during the candidate application process. Since I am not an officer, just a newly-elected director, I am surprised that I would be required to consent to fingerprinting and having my name placed on the liquor license. I have no prior experience in running a bar or restaurant.

Where in the A.R.S. does it state that all HOA board members are required to be named on the liquor license? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Dennis Legere


    There is nothing in the planned community or condominium statute relative to this issue. This would most likely be based on statute and regulation established by the Department of liquor licenses and control. You could forward your question to the department public information officer Thomas Mangan 602-542-9046., I know absolutely nothing about liquor licenses.


  2. Ann Stone

    Hello, Dennis.

    I called the liquor control board to have my question answered, as Mr. Mangan did not respond to my email.

    The duty officer confirmed that only board officers need to be named on the liquor license. Directors who do not hold an officer title are not required to be listed and therefore avoid the intrusive fingerprinting and background check. Thought this information might be helpful to other people.


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