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Roadway Ownership

Hello Dennis.
I was just reading HB2298, thanks to your most recent email. Section “C” states the 33-1818 does not apply to privately-owned roadways, so I wonder how I might find out that ownership information within the planned community where I live.
Thank you for this and all you do!

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  1. Dennis Legere


    The plat for your community must describe all common property usually as “Tracts” if your streets are not included in tracts than they are public streets owned by the city or county. The plat is part of the declaration and recorded in the county recorder’s office. It will also be clear that the streets belong to you if your association maintains them and includes them in your long rang maintenance plans for your reserves.


  2. Dennis Legere

    The County tax assessor’s office also has tax maps for every lot in your development including the lots owned by the association as common property. If the area of your streets are shown as lots or parcels then you own the streets. If your community is gated then the streets have to be privately owned.


  3. Rhonda Wakai

    Great, Dennis. Thank you! Luckily, I know already how to search all of those resources you listed!! I know we do take on the responsibility of maintenance, so signs are pointing toward private ownership.

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