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Dog attack on dog, common area.

Last Thursday evening as I was walking my 6lb dog on leash, neighbors dog escaped patio and attacked my dog. I had my backed turned so did not see dog charging, he is a 50lb pit bull mix. My dog spent 4 days at the emergency vet, however the injuries were just to much for him to recover. I do not know the neighbors, they rent from the homeowner. This was an unprovoked attack. Is there liability here, and who is liable? Animal control was called as well as PD, but because it is not a dog bites human, not much is done. Does my HOA have any responsibility in recording this event? Thank-you

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  1. dennisl


    I’m not an attorney so I cannot give you legal advice. I cannot see any culpability of the association in this situation. Nor am i aware of any association being required in any way to keep a record of these events. Because of your financial loss as well as the loss of your pet you could file a claim in justice (small claims) court against the owner of the other dog.
    I’m sorry for your loss.

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