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The Declarant Plans to Stay Forever

Our Community has 79 lots, 6 are owned by the Declarant. All others are owned provately. While the Community is nearly complete and 14 years old, the Declarant ammended the CC&Rs 13 years ago to allow the annexatioon of adjacent land owned by the Declarant and land enough to build 300-500 more homes was added and left undeveloped. The Declarant also rejggered the number of votes his lots carry to 9 vs 1 for each homeowner’s lot.
The Declarant provides no management outside of our HOA comapany, does not come to annual meetings yet continues to keep assessmnts to $870. Roughly half of this money goes into a long-term reserve fund.
Also no homeowers are on the board and have no say about anything.
The Declarant is the guest who came to dinner and never left.
How can we get rid of this paracite?

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