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City Property Management Company

Hello, first time poster here. I wanted to ask if City Property Management Company has any history or reputation with this community. They just came on as our new property management company and curious of their standing. They seem assertive. Thank you.

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  1. dennisl


    City Property management is lead by Brian Links who is the biggest SOB and a__ hole that i’ve ever met. He also leads the Legislative Action Committee for AACM and drives their legislative action to oppose any legislation that helps protect homeowner rights. He has only one agenda and that is making more money off of communities and the homeowners that live in them. I worked against him personally for 4 years now and this opinion is not one generated by casual observation. He will lie, cheat and steal to make more money and works hard to convince legislators that his intent is pure while deceiving them in every way. He is the principle author of the modifications and ridiculous provision of SB 1531 from 2 year ago, that required associations to provide full account statements to every homeowner every billing cycle even if they are current in their assessment and owe no money. This bill allowed the community managers to charge the communities for this mandated and totally unnecessary service to the tune of $2.00 per person per billing cycle. With 1.9 million homes in the state the profit from that bill for community manager exceeded $4 million dollars per billing cycle.
    We worked tirelessly last year to undo the damage of that bill but once again Brian Links and AACM distorted a good bill to relieve associations and homeowners with additional provisions to create more windfall profits for community manager companies. Fortunately we were able to kill that bill and but ended up losing any opportunity to provide relief from unnecessary regulation and cost dictated by Brian and AACM.

    Ever Community manager that works in that company that i have either directly or indirectly dealt with via our members, is a direct reflection of their CEO and they along with Brian could not care less about any homeowner and see them all as obstacles to making more profit from the associations.
    While they may not be the worst community manager company they are definitely in the top 5 worst.

    I hope that you get somewhat of an impression of what I think of City Property Management.


  2. Rob Rogers

    That’s what I was afraid of. They immediately started doing walk throughs and sending nasty-grams to owners. I bet they get a piece of the fine revenue.

  3. dennisl


    That would be a very good bet. You can always ask to see a copy of the contract between the association and them. That would be the proof of your assumption. If you read that contract carefully you will wonder if any board member actually read the contract before they signed it and approved it. You will pay a premium monthly fee per door in the community but the real issue will be that you will also be billed for everything that you would expect to be covered by the basic fee. You will die a death of 1000 cuts and your cost for management will in some cases double what the basic fee was advertised as.

    My advice to you and the homeowners in your community is to watch the financials closely, because your board cannot be trusted to do so for the community if they agreed to hire these people.


  4. dennisl


    By law the request to view association records must only be written. An e-mail is a written request. You have several options , you can simply request to view the record, where you will have to go to their office and view the record. Or you can request to get a copy of the record where the association is allowed to charge you no more than $0.15 per page. You can also request to receive an electronic copy of the file back by e-mail. The association has no requirement to send you a digital file for free, and City Property Management will do nothing for free.

    Along with your request remind CPM that they have 10 business days to provide you access to the requested record in accordance with ARS 33-1805, and that you expect them to comply with the law.


  5. benteh

    Without reading through all the replies. Let me just tell you. We hired City Management Company. Great sales pitch. Worst property management company I have ever worked with as the president.

      1. dennisl

        While i have my opinions of City Property Management and their owner, none of which is good in any way, i believe your question was directed to the individual who posted that comment.

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