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The management company of our HOA is running our election, and have ignored a request to have a homeowner’s committee run the election… is there any government entity we can go to who will insure a fair election here?

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  1. dennisl


    There is no government entity that oversees anything about HOA’s or Condo’s. Remember one thing the management company does not run your community your board does. The management company works for the board not the homeowners and cannot be held accountable for anything that they do by the homeowners. The board on the other hand is accountable to the members of the community and if they refuse to act in the best interest of the community the community can hold a recall ad remove them all from those positions of power. The board is responsible for every thing the management company does or does not do and can and should be held accountable for the actions of the community manager. If they refuse to correct the actions of the management company remove the board and replace them with a board that will fire the management company and make the members of the community the priority.


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