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Voting rights suspended

Can The Board suspend your voting rights based on not paying a bogus violation fine?
Is there an ARS or AZ law.
Thank you

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  1. dennisl


    As I’ve replied to you on many occasions on this same issue. Currently there is no law addressing that issue. If your CC&R’s and bylaws say they can then they can. You provided me your bylaws in earlier correspondence and yes your association can suspend your voting rights for many issues including violation. Your concern is exactly my point the ability to cite violation can be very subjective and selective and far too often is used as retaliation against an individual that disagrees with board decisions or the community manager. Far too often community managers on a power rush cite violations where there are none just because they can. Because of this is why i tried to get legislation to prevent this. The right to vote should never be lost simply because someone claims that you violated something without due process and in an HAO there is no due process. The HOA board is the law maker, judge and enforcer all in one.


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