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HOA board term limits

I know Arizona has an 8 year term limit for government positions and other boards. Are HOA boards included in this statute or does it not apply to them. Ours is a 1 year term done by a mail-in ballot every year. Our CC&R’s do not limit how many times you can run for the board. So in theory someone can run, and if elected every time, serve on the board for 20yrs plus. Is that legal for Arizona HOA”S?

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  1. dennisl


    I truly believe that term limits that are real make a lot of sense for all government positions. Unfortunately the Arizona 8 year Term limits for legislators is a total joke because they apply to specific chambers. A Senator can only serve 8 consecutive years in the Senate but it does not keep him or her from running for the House for two years then running for the Senate again for 8 more years. We have legislators that have used this tactic for 30 years or more.

    Unfortunately HOA are not government positions they are for the most part non-profit corporations, and the By-laws would dictate any term limit applicable to them.

    To your specific question any limitation or lack of limitation for board positions consecutive terms will be specified in the Bylaws and there are no State statutes limiting this in any way.


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